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This is the virtual hangout for Veronicans! CSA BiƱan AY 2008-2009, signing up is for veronicans... but Who's to say that teachers aren't allowed!! So teachers... feel free to join us as moderators in this forum.~Darkside1362, webmaster~
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 The Dawn of a New Era

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Malkuthe Highwind

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PostSubject: The Dawn of a New Era   Mon Apr 13, 2009 1:55 pm

The first rays of light filter down through cracks in the cave ceiling. A new day was approaching, and fast. Dominii awoke to the glorious sunrise and soared out of the cave with a whoosh. "The glorious sun, a beacon of hope... oh, wait... Fauxe is still asleep, I better get back" muttered Dominii as he hovered before the rising sun, warming his purplish-grey body in the sun's rays. Only recently had he become an adult. His body was now bulkier, more streamlined. His limbs, much more muscled and strong. His wings now kept him aloft longer and easier than before. "Hey, Fauxe, wake up sleepy head" said Dominii when he got back to the cave. Dominii had found her as a child, the two became best friends, and, having no parents, decided to stay together. The teenage fur reared her head and squinted in the morning light. "Who dares disturb my slumber?" she said in a deep, menacing but clearly humorous voice. Dominii doubled over in laughter, and then the two set off into the distance to hunt.

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The Dawn of a New Era
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