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This is the virtual hangout for Veronicans! CSA BiƱan AY 2008-2009, signing up is for veronicans... but Who's to say that teachers aren't allowed!! So teachers... feel free to join us as moderators in this forum.~Darkside1362, webmaster~
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PostSubject: RULES and MECHANICS   Sat May 16, 2009 1:19 pm

This is the battlefield where all battles to happen in the RP: World of Sylfe are to take place.

There are quite a few rules to begin with.

1. You are not allowed to control other characters without the express permission of their owners.

2. You are not allowed to break the laws of physics (except those which are naturally broken by the dragons. Ex. Firebreathing, Magic)

The mechanics are like so. Each time a battle is announced, the roleplayers' characters that are not present will be controlled for a short while by the Game Master. Early on, these characters will be invalidated, on account of sustained injury. should the roleplayer who controls that character arrive whilst in the middle of the battle, his/her character shall be revitalized.

Each turn, the roleplayers will take turns rolling dice. Dice roller can be found here:
Dice Roller

The Dice Roller must be set to exactly the default configuration. The die that will be used in rolling is the second from the top. The d6 die. Each turn, the GM sets an event to each of the numbers from 1-6. Depending on your roll, you will have to do as the number says.

Each turn lasts ten posts. Each post is required a minimum of two sentences.

Your Administrator,
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